Preparations for Cucuteni International Art Camp 2016 are almost done

In Ivancea village (Orhei) are ongoing preparations for the Cucuteni International Art Camp 2016 which will take place starting on 26th of June and will last until 16th of July 2016.

At the camp this year, will gather 25 exceptional artists and masters of ceramics from ten countries – Poland, Lithuania, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Romania, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine and Moldova for three weeks, where through art portrayed in ceramic or fabric – will revive Cucuteni-Tripolye culture, the center of which was nowadays Moldova.

Camps’ doors will be open throughout all three weeks for everyone who wants to discover and even join the creative process within the master classes prepared by international artists, organized on 2,3,9 and 10 of July.

The end of the camp will be marked by a unique event- Cucuteni Festival on 16th of July, 2016, where will be held exhibition and charity auction of all works created by the participants of the camp this year.

Moreover, the festival program will harmoniously combine creative atmosphere created by the camp participants and a rich cultural program dedicated to the ancient culture, history, customs, traditions, rituals and Cucutenian art.

Visitors will enjoy food and drinks prepared by oldest recipes, children will participate in real excavations, visitors of all ages will be able to participate in master-classes devoted to art  of Cucuteni-Trypillian civilization.

At Cucuteni Festival 2016 awaits for you a great fire show, music of ancient instruments, art sale and revival of ancient rituals of Cucuteni civilization.

The entrance at the festival is free.

For more information about Cucuteni International Art Camp 2016  check the official page of the event

Cucuteni International Art – Camp 2016 is organized by Art Studio „Picasso” under the patronage of Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova in cooperation with the National Museum of History of Moldova. The partner of the festival is PRofile agency.

General Sponsor: Compania Bemol.

Sponsors: Moldova Agroindbank, Lukoil – Moldova, Chateau Vartely, USAID Moldova, Moldtelecom.

Media partners:,,,, Комсомольская Правда в Молдове (,,,,,, Realitatea TV,

Cucuteni culture or Cucuteni- trypillian culture is a unique phenomenon in human history. This is one of the oldest civilizations in Europe which was established several centuries before the appearance of human settlements in Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt.

Cucuteni civilization was widespread on the territory of present-day Moldova, Romania and Ukraine, our country being in the center of this area. Cucuteni-trypillian civilization, during its maximum expansion, reached an area of 350,000 km2.  Its name was given by the discoveries made in 1884 and 1893 in Cucuteni settlements near Iasi in Romania and Tripoli, near Kiev in Ukraine.

Cucuteni culture stretched over an area of 35 000 square kilometers, on the territory of present-day Romania, Moldova and Ukraine

The culture of this civilization is known for the best ceramic works. In any trypillian home archaeologists found between 30-200 ceramic works: plates and cups, amphorae, vases for ritual. The quality of the ceramic works was unparalleled: thin, smooth, painted red, white, black and brown. Ornamental rhythm was perfect, loaded with symbols and ornaments.

Cucutenian settlements in Moldova were discovered near several present villages, such as Varvareuca, Brînzeni, Văratic Cuban Costeşti, etc.